Continuous cyber security audit

Webinar: Future of cyber audit
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Daily detection

Daily, Skopos analyses cyber security risks of your employees, technology and processes

Monthly advice

Monthly, we send you advice and action lists for management, IT management, website developer and HR

All year round in control

All year round, you are clearly in control of cyber risks

All sides of your business covered

Direct insight and every month advice from experts

How vulnerable are workplaces?

We continuously probe for vulnerabilities on each workstation and server with Skopos software. We measure the cyber awareness of your employees via the Skopos questionnaire.

Powerful dashboard

With our powerful dashboard you can compare your company with other Skopos customers. The trend graph shows how the security score improves.

Personal advice

Your team receives regular advice on how to strengthen security. For example: uninstalling dangerous software, updating systems or installing new programs such as a virus scanner.

What our customers say

More aware, safer and in control

“We were safer in ten days”

Marc Paus, CISO FIRA / Mobile World Congress

“We are far more aware of cyber risks”

Hans Quist, CISO Province of Zeeland

“Quick results, we are in control of security”

Jelle Witteveen, CTO Motivo

We work in partnerships

Global impact, local presence

Request a demo

Our team loves to learn how we can help your organisation

Holistic overview of cyber risks

People, credentials, workplaces, websites & servers

Frequently asked questions

We want to help you answer frequently asked questions. If your question is not here, please let us know via

How secure is Skopos?

Please read the article on Security Assurance.

What do you do with data?

Your privacy is very important to us. In our document on data privacy we explain this in more detail, based on objectives to implementation.

Can I end the contract monthly?

Certainly. You log in with your email address on ‘Login’ and choose ‘cancel subscription. With a month subscription, the subscription expires on the following month. With a one-year subscription, the subscription expires at the end of the current year.

How can I protect more workplaces?

That is quite simple, if you are already a customer, click on “login” at the top of this page. You will then receive a one-time password by e-mail. With that password you can log in and manage your “subscription”, you simply add the number of workstations that you need extra. If you are new, choose one of the variants and request the package.

Is it possible to change plans?

Not a problem. Click on ‘login’ at the top of this page. You will then receive a one-time password by e-mail. With that password you can log in and manage your ‘subscription’, you then change your ‘subscription’.

How can I reach Skopos?

You can send us a message at, or call us at +tel:44932201653.