1 in 5 organizations is a victim of cyber crime every year.
Skopos is the complete cyber security solutions for SMEs

As an SME, do you already have sufficient insight into information and security risks?

✓ Strict European legislation with personal liability

With the arrival of the new European cyber security guidelines, called NIS2, the European Union wants to force SMEs to put their cyber security in order.

✓ Reputation & continuity under pressure

Organizations and customers are concerned about the impact of ransomware on the reputation and continuity of the organization.

✓ Little insight into security and solutions are expensive

You as an SME have little insight into information security risks or the data is stored in different systems.

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Learn immediately what you can do as an SME to prevent the security risks.

Daily detection

Insight into cybersecurity risks
of your employees, processes and IT.

Monthly advice

Advisory report with actions for management, system administration, website developer and HR.

All year round in control

Independent (non) assurance report provided by auditor for senior stakeholders

The investment in Skopos pays off immediately

Skopos offers a holistic approach to cybersecurity for your entire organization. After all, you can only take measures if you are aware of your cyber security risks. With the Skopos Cyber Audit you can monitor how your organization is doing 24×7, 365 days a year via a dashboard. Skopos automatically maps your risky software and immediately links this to the cyber awareness of your employees.

E-learning for SMEs

e learning

We teach you and your employees to recognize and report cyber attacks

It is important that all employees within an organization have sufficient knowledge of cybersecurity.
It’s like driving a car. It is important to drive in a safe car, which is why we have airbags, anti-lock braking system and seat belts. Unfortunately, the best technology cannot guarantee 100% safety when driving. Because if you don’t know how to drive, or don’t know the traffic rules, you’re a danger on the road.

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Research shows that 1 in 5 organizations is a victim of a cyber attack*.
With phishing emails becoming the order of the day, more and more offices are seeing the need to guard against ransomware and other forms of cybercrime. Informing and training employees is indispensable, as is monitoring your websites and technology.

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Frequently asked questions by SMEs

Why should I install Skopos?

Cyber attacks are unfortunately in the news every day. Paying ransom to get your files back, data loss, financial damage, it’s a nightmare for many organizations that you don’t want to end up in. You want continuity and security of your customer data and reputation. The government and Europe  are also asking organizations to do more about cybersecurity. That is why it is important to know about the security of your organization. Skopos helps you to regain control of your digital household.

How do users work with Skopos?

Skopos is offered individually, through accountants or IT suppliers. In addition, Skopos can also be offered through a collective such as the Ondernemend Veenendaal Business Circle. In the latter case, it concerns Skopos Lite.

How can I collaborate with Skopos?

As a partner you can onboard new customers on Skopos Basic and Pro. Customers have many questions about information security. Through a partnership with Skopos, your office can provide additional security to customers, as well as annual reporting.

How do you handle the privacy of me and my customers?

Skopos respects the privacy of its users and ensures that personal data is treated confidentially. You can read this in detail in the privacy statement of Skopos. Read our article on security at https://skopos.ai/security-assurance/

We have a backup, then we are safe, right?

You don’t want your customer’s data ending up in the hands of criminals, even if you have a backup yourself. In addition, criminals can also infect backups. And don’t forget that it always takes some time before a backup is restored, so you can’t continue working right away.

We already have cybersecurity insurance, then we no longer need Skopos.

Prevention is better than cure. Insurance can pay out after a cyber attack, but only if you have demonstrated that you have taken sufficient measures to protect your organization. And in some cases, insurance does not pay out at all.

We are safe because we work with Apple, ‘secure by design’, right?

Mac OS X can also be cracked within two minutes. We have known for a long time that this is incorrect. Apple needs the same protection as Windows.

We work in the cloud, is that safe?

Working in the cloud is only as secure as the person working with it. Any employee can click on a wrong link. And if your service is not sufficiently protected (for example by MFA), a cyber breach is lurking.

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