How well are you prepared for an attack?

Penetration tests

How well are you prepared for an attack?

“We were shocked, we thought we were doing better”

Marc Paus, CISO Mobile World Congress

“With Skopos we are in control”

Jelle Witteveen, CTO Motivo

Cyber attacks are an increasing risk. You want to know if you are sufficiently prepared.

Have your organization tested by Skopos ethical hackers. The attack will be orchestrated in the same way as criminals operate, but without the negative publicity. We are going to test for the 140,000 known vulnerabilities that cause problems, as has happened in the past with the University of Maastricht or Garmin.

We will prioritize the findings according to risk. We do this with a smart Skopos score, based on worldwide attacks and the popularity of a vulnerability among hackers. The goal is that you know exactly how safe your organization is against attacks. You will receive practical advice on how to strengthen the weak spots. Together we will significantly reduce the chance of a successful hack and ensure that you can do business without worries.

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