Pen tests

Test for specific cyber risks

Are we vulnerable..?

The Skopos Cloud platform provides a complete vulnerability assessment of people, machines, websites and data. But sometimes you have a specific risk you want to test your organization for.

Imagine your organization designs and supplies cooling installations for the dairy industry. In this case, you would want to know whether malicious parties can influence the temperature. Or you manage customer data and you want to know how well the database in which everything is stored is protected.

The technique for assessing specific cyber risks is called ‘penetration testing’ or pen tests.

Different questions, different methods

There are several types of pen-tests: black-box, white-box and grey-box


In a black box test we behave like an attacker who knows nothing about the target. All information must be obtained. This one is most realistic for remote attackers.


In a white-box test, the organization shares the necessary information with us. For example passwords or source code. This speeds up the testing process.


The same as black box, but with a little more information (for example credentials) so that more of the application can be tested and therefore more security can be given.

Download two sample reports

Here you will find two reports. This is the technical side of the trade. Ultimately, it is technology that is often the most vulnerable. Management explanation is done in person.

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