Complete control over the safety of your organization

Skopos offers a holistic approach to cybersecurity for your entire organization. Only when you are aware of your cyber security risks can you take measures. With the Skopos Cyber Audit you can monitor how your organization is doing 24×7, 365 days a year via a dashboard. Skopos automatically maps out your risky software and immediately links this to the cyber awareness of your employees.

You can order Skopos from € 8,- or £ 7,- per user per month.

Insight in risks of your employees, websites and IT. Easy and quick. You are always on top of your organization´s security.

Meet Skopos

Watch our onze demo video to see and experience how the Skopos product works

The Skopos platform

✓ Cyber Awareness test
✓ Continuous data breach detection
✓ Standard & custom phishing

✓ Real time Risk Alerts
✓ Dashboard with actual insight
✓ Monthly reporting

✓ Skopos App
✓ Webscanner vulnerabilities
✓ Domain name misuse
✓ Office 365 – Azure Active Directory integration
✓ Netwerk scanner

€ 8,- / £ 7,-

Per employee per month.
In 5 minutes your account is live and you can add employees, computers and websites.
Within two hours, the first results come in. Easy and effective.

Humans are the greatest risk for your organization. Skopos analyzes this as follows:

People: All employee risk clear in one overview

Whether it concerns phishing, leaked data or cyber awareness – you have all employee risks clearly in one place. Thanks to the Microsoft integration, new and existing employees are always included in the analysis. The benchmarks show how you score compared to others.

Skopos Dashboard

100% automated, personalised phishing simulations

Phishing simulations, one off or continuously. It´s easy to create a custom phishing campaign yourself, or with your IT or accountant partner. This allows you to respond to specific risks.

Direct insight in breached data of your employees

What information do criminals have about us? If data has been leaked from your organization, you will be the first to know, thanks to Skopos. You can take immediate actions to minimize impact.

Measure continuously the cyber security themes among your employees

Can my employees handle information securely? Is privacy in order? With Skopos you continuously measure what your cyber security themes are among your employees. With the custom module you can test specific questions.

The technical security of the IT environment is the foundation and should not be underestimated. Skopos has developed the following for this:

IT: From laptops and smartphones to servers. The IT-risks continuously monitored

How safe are the workplaces: employees may use their own computer. Is the software up to date? If a laptop is stolen, is the data protected? Skopos continuously monitors core risks. This means IT knows exactly what to do. For laptops, smartphones and servers. On-premise and in the Cloud. On Mac, Windows, Linux and ARM.

A secure website, and a web administrator who knows exactly what to do

We look at your websites the way a hacker looks. Are visitors safe? Can attackers gain unsolicited access to data? When does the certificate expire? With Skopos you know exactly how safe your websites are and what your web administrator should do.

Cyber threats are changing rapidly. Solid processes increase resilience. Skopos takes care of this with the following functionalities:

Process: Monthly report with key risks

Every month you will receive a personal report with a summary of the most important risks for your organization. You see the progress and advice.

Maandelijks rapport Skopos
Jaarlijks Skopos Rapport

Annual independent accountants report

Stakeholders want to know how information security is set up within your organization. Your accountant can prepare an independent factual findings report. Accountants already issue COS4400 and COS3000. This allows you to demonstrate, for example, that your asset management, patch management, vulnerability management and anti-malware controls are in order. From ’23 onwards, a Cyber Assurance report is also available on request.

FAQ about our product

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What do our customers say?


“The strength of this cybersecurity project puts it in the collective. We think we can appeal to a very broad target group. The first reactions are unanimously enthusiastic. The BOV board, entrepreneurs you speak to, the municipality.”

Rineke Sloetjes
Project leader Bedrijvenkring Ondernemend Veenendaal


“Many entrepreneurs in SMEs struggle with the question ‘Am I safe enough?’. A digital attack can cost you as an entrepreneur a hundred thousand euros or more. By working with Skopos, we ensure that we guarantee security and reduce the risks of limit a hack.”

Gert de Fluiter
Partner Schuiteman Accountants en Adviseurs


“As a civil-law notary, it is important to keep data safe. Skopos gives tips to increase awareness about this. We like to lead the way.”

Mr. Isabelle Cox
Notaris Olenz Notarissen