Hack yourself

Discover in a short time how you can test your organization's digital risk exposure

Digital flat tire?

If your tire is flat, you don’t go straight to the bike shop. It works this way with digital ‘tires’. Are you concerned about the digital safety of your organization and do you want to roll up your sleeves? Would you like to know where you are vulnerable and where one can hack your company? But, where would you need to start?


Our Skopos cyber experts offer a hacking course every month. The instructors have worked for banks, insurance companies and hospitals and are happy to share their knowledge. They will teach you the basics of hacking in four sessions. You don’t need to have a technical background, but it is useful. You learn to look at your organization like a hacker does. You learn to use the tools that hackers use, but most importantly: you learn the principles that you can apply yourself to make your organization more resilient. Because prevention is the first step to a safe organization.

After the course, you will be able to give insight into the risks of your organization. You can indicate which systems are connected to the internet and which vulnerabilities are visible on those systems. You will also learn how to exploit these vulnerabilities. You will learn how to find information about your organization and how to use it for attacks.

What are we going to do?

We are going to go through all the steps that an attacker takes with the aim of gaining access to critical systems. Think of:

  • How to hack WiFi to gain access to a network;
  • How to overtake a user’s browser to obtain passwords or inject malware;
  • How to install a backdoor to access the systems;
  • How to get access to a database.
Kali bevat veel van de tools die we gebruiken
Five steps ethical hacking process, base of the training

Send an email to hackyourself@skopos.ai

Eight-hour comprehensive classroom course (in four sessions) + two hours independent work
295 euros ex VAT for four sessions

A computer, at least intel i5 with 12GB RAM

Lessons are digital and take place with a minimum of four participants

If you have one or more servers at your disposal to practice, that’s a bonus.