Cybersecurity training for accountants

Recognize the cyber dangers as an accountant

It is high time that accountants, who increasingly use online data and digital tools, take their cybersecurity more seriously. Start doing business safely today? Follow the cybersecurity training for accountants with your office.

Designed especially for the accountant

The interactive classroom course covers the basic level of cybersecurity. Participants gain insight into the risks of digital crime and appropriate measures.

✓ Learn how to answer all customer questions.
✓ Practical handles for practice.
✓ Your practice and your customers safer from digital crime.
✓ Work with peace of mind.

Who is the training intended for?

Management and accountants (partner/employee)
Financial professionals
CFOs and business managers

Training overview

• The training lasts 4 hours, max 15 participants per group
• The training can be delivered online and on-site by
our authorized cyber trainers.
• Investment: €1800 per organization (€300 for individual registration)

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The purpose of the training for the accountant:

✓ To identify the importance of cyber security and to develop a cyber security mindset

✓ To recognize cyberattacks (e.g. databreaches, ransomware en fraud)

✓ To understand a cyber security framework, regulation and risk-management

✓ To use a reporting framework for cyber security risk management in the audit process

The accountant training consists of the following four modules

Module 1: Understanding the hacker: the importance of cyber security and developing a cyber security mindset

• Vulnerabilities in cybersecurity.
• Why do cybersecurity breaches occur and why are organizations susceptible to them?
• Current Dutch cyber policy and global trends in cyber security activities.

Module 2: The consequences of the cyber pandemic: data breaches, ransomware and fraud

• A cyber pandemic with major consequences.
• Case studies: A data breach, Ransomware, Fraud
• The basis of the following cybersecurity aspects: Protect, Detect, Respond.

Module 3: A secure organization: framework and regulation

• The available cybersecurity frameworks
• Regulation and ethics in the field of data protection and privacy (including security standards such as ISO27001 and NEN7510).
• Information security assurance mechanisms.
• How can policies be developed for cybersecurity compliance and risk management?

Module 4: Getting Started: Operational and Financial Implications of Cyber Security

• A reporting framework for cybersecurity risk management.
• Policies, procedures and controls to mitigate the risk of loss from cyber-attacks.
• Practical application and simulation of audit process, cyber tips for accountants.
• Learn to ask and answer the right questions.
• Financial implications of cyber security.

Prefer a personalized training?

It is possible for organizations to make the training even more recognizable. This can be done by having the ethical hackers of Skopos conduct preliminary research into the greatest risks for the organization.

In this, a digital search is done among three volunteers for data that is available from them on the internet – this is first shared personally for approval.

In addition, a phishing test is set up and, if necessary, a CEO fraud test is performed. This allows the training material to be enriched with immediately recognizable examples

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