Encryption: the key to safe working

By: Willemijn van de Lagemaat

Encryptie is een ander woord voor versleuteling. Net als je huis niet achterlaat zonder de deur op slot te doen, zo moet je ook geen gevoelige informatie laten slingeren (op je computer) zonder de gegevens te coderen. Door encryptie zijn deze gegevens niet zomaar voor iedereen te lezen. Met behulp van een algoritme, kan tekst versleuteld worden om later weer te ontsleutelen en blijft leesbaar worden. Dit proces van ontsleuteling heet decryptie. Zowel individuele documenten, mappen of hele harde schijven kunnen versleuteld worden. Maar ook wanneer je het internet gebruikt, gebruik je encryptie.

Hoe kan jij gebruik maken van encryptie?


Any online shop that takes itself seriously should have serious encryption using SSL technology. You can recognize this by the padlock in the browser bar. The prefix “https” is another reference point with which you can conduct secure online transactions, with which messages you send are sent encrypted.


When sending email it is important that the messages are encrypted. Google has made this standard since 2014 and several other email providers also offer SSL encryption.

Online banking

Online banking must be secure – that’s why the financial industry must adhere to strict coding requirements. When you consult your account, transfer money, fill out online forms or use other options of your internet banking, this information must be sent encrypted. Since these apps contain sensitive, personal information or financial details, including income or credit information, it must be encrypted.

Social media

You share a lot of personal information on social platforms such as WhatsApp, Facebook or Linked. Some platforms offer encryption, but this is not always automatically enabled. Check this by going to the app’s settings and verifying before sending private information to others.

Without encryption, your information can become available to external parties. Be aware of the possibilities of encryption and check whether a website has sufficient security before revealing personal or sensitive information.

Don’t be a statistic! Online safety is in your hands