Skopos.AI selected as the Dutch Start-up to participate in Lefebvre – Lightspeed accelerator program

Lightspeed is the world’s first accelerator focused on legal and legal-focused startups in France, Spain, The Netherlands, Italy, Germany, Belgium, and Luxembourg.

Last Friday (23/04/2021) Skopos.AI was selected as the Dutch startup to join the Lightspeed accelerator program by the jury members Inger van der Stok, Sander de Groot, Esther van Doesburg, Saskia Smeele and Mathieu Bouillon.

The first edition of Lightspeed had a total of 58 candidates. “For the Netherlands, we chose Skopos.AI because it’s the most disruptive innovation”, according to Esther, “Organisations want to be in control of cyber risks. Skopos changes the game”. She also sees the scalability across Europe and the way Skopos can strengthen adjacent product market combinations of LeFebvre Sarrut / Sdu. The selected startups will participate in a 6 month program that will include mentoring with local and European experts from the Lefebvre Sarrut group and the industry, workshops and monthly focus groups.

“We are honored to be working with both LeFebvre Sarrut and Sdu”, responds Han Veldwijk, CEO of Skopos.AI, “We believe working with Lefebvre Sarrut offers the best of both worlds. Two-hundred years of experience and scale and Skopos.AI, a proposition with full traction in multiple markets and industries plus cutting edge machine learning and cloud technology”.

Skopos wishes also the best to our fellow start-ups selected for the Lightspeed accelerator program: Brickken (Spain), myCo (France), COP (Italy), Nalantis (Belgium) and Droits Quotidiens Legal Tech (Belgium and France)

Together we can make many many more organisations secure against cyber attacks!