Prevent cyber attacks, before they happen

The security controls you have in place are not sufficient for the challenges of today

Cyber risk is real

Your organization is investing more and more in digital transformation. Digitization increases your effectiveness, but also gives criminals more weak links to take advantage of. You know cyber security is important, but how do you prevent attacks?

Skopos leader in cyber security

“With Skopos we directly gained the benefits. We are now in control of security”

Jelle Witteveen, CTO Motivo B.V.

Your organization safe and secure in three steps. Do not expect interviews but an extensive investigation, like professional hackers


You receive an analysis the way hackers see your organisation. We analyse employees & organisation: laptops, smartphones, servers, data.


You receive a detailed report with identified risks and practical advice on how to improve protection


With Skopos your organisation is among the 1% best protected organisations

Skopos means

  • pragmatic aproach
  • easy to understand
  • fast & straightforward
  • affordable service

“Thanks to Skopos we are safer, we also pay far less on consultancy fees”

Marc Paus, CISO Mobile World Congress

Results within ten days

Organizations that use Skopos are safer within ten days. Your organization be benchmarked against other organisations. For example, 95% less risk of becoming a victim of ransomware, better insight into where hackers are going to attack and an overview of all vulnerable software, workstations and servers – prioritized by risk.

Request your security assessment or go straight to the Skopos Cloud Platform, for cutting edge cyber protection.